Are You Always on the Run?

Mineral makeup is the answer! If you are like billions of women around the state it looks as though we are constantly on the run. Between work, errands, shopping, school activities, household events, doctor's appointments... there really is never adequate clip to acquire it all done. Usually taking attention of yourself, especially how you look, is one of the last things on the listing and often doesn't acquire done at all. Well, it doesn't have got to be that way. There is a fast and easy solution to having natural and beautiful looking skin. It's called mineral makeup. Mineral constitution is fast emerging as a favourite among American women as we go more than aware of what we are putting on our tegument and how that personal effects how we look. Not all Mineral Makeups are alike but pure mineral constitution is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic with no unreal chemicals, additives or animate being by-products, waxes or fillers. It is actually lulling and healing to the tegument and is the lone constitution recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists followers surgical tegument and facial treatments. Not only is pure vitamins and minerals constitution actually good for your tegument it supplies first-class insurance while feeling lightweight-like you're not wearing any constitution at all. It gives you natural, healthier and little looking skin.
For the adult female on the go, the benefits of mineral constitution are many. The newest mineral makeups come up in a pressed expression so there is no mess. And no clip wasted cleaning loose minerals off of your countertops or flooring or changing your shirt (again). Pressed mineral constitution is also very easy to apply. A few speedy brushwood shots in any way and you're done. Some mineral makeups come up in convenient powder compacts so you can just throw them in your bag and go. But mineral constitution is very H2O resistant and, even through a strenuous workout, doesn't rub off. So there is usually no demand to reapply your constitution at all throughout the twenty-four hours economy you cherished time. Mineral constitution also have a natural SPF 15. So, unless you take to, there is no demand to add an further sunscreen to your constitution modus operandi, economy you clip and money. A pure mineral constitution is also extremely versatile. The colours can be worn on the cheeks, lips or eyes so coordinating your constitution is a snap. And there is no demand to pass money on respective constitution products. Because mineral constitution blends with your skin's ain facial oils, it doesn't have got got to fit exactly like regular constitution so you don't have to worry about limit lines or purchasing a new constitution every clip your suntan deepens or lightens a shade. With all the fantastic benefits of pure natural mineral constitution in clip and money savings, it really is the perfect solution for the woman on the run!


Greetings all. Sorry for the silence, but I've been having some technical difficulties, namely dropping WIFI in my room. After spending a few hours trying to maintain a connection for more than a few moments I gave it up and decided to see if I had better luck today. Yeah! I'm off and running! I flew over to Altoona, PA on Wednesday. It was a day full of airports and airplanes. Thankfully, there was nothing exciting to report. When I hit Dulles Airport, I hooked up with a few partners in crime, Ben Thompson, Daren Bader, and Rob Ruppel. I've had the pleasure the meet Ben and Daren before, but this was my first opportunity to meet Rob. What a wonderful party to travel with! Funny, and fantastic conversations. After climbing off the tiny prop plane in Altoona, we wandered our way over to the Ramada hotel. While checking in, we ran into Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire (my wonderful guests for this trip) and got the invite to a late dinner, but before that I updated my cartoon coloring pages baby :) Off we went with a contingent of artists and collectors. I had a blast! I made the mistake of sitting in the middle of the table, and surrounding myself by 18 gifted and talented folks. I struggled to hear every single conversation going on... I failed miserably. But is was hysterical what happens when you only hear half of a sentence every minute or so. It's amazing how inappropriate most conversations end of sounding! After dinner, it was time to hit the sack. Thursday started off bright and early. My room is near the dumpsters, and the garbage truck makes it's daily visit at 6 am, which is 3 am on my body clock. Off to breakfast... I found that Rob was also a early riser, and we had breakfast together. I have a confession to make. I'm a huge had of Rob's work. I cut my teeth on the work of Rob, Brom, Jeff Easley, Clyde Caldwell, and Larry Elmore back in my formative D&D years.
Rob was the only one of those guys I had not met in person, and I had trouble not just being a big fan boy around him. Like so many of the artists I know, he's just a down-to-earth guy, and has some great experiences and insights to share. I've really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet him. Shortly after breakfast it was off to the Discovery Center (Heritage Center? I've heard it called both names) for set up. True I didn't have anything to set up, but I helped haul a couple of boxes, and lent my opinion about how things should be hung...when someone was foolish enough to ask. I spent most of the day harrassing Lars Grant West. Lars is a wonderful guy, and as I found, easy to distract from the task of hanging his art. That gave me the opportunity to swing by every 1/2 an hour and comment about the fact that he only had one piece hanging... Yes, I can be cruel sometimes. I was a blast getting the chance to visit everyone again. Then it was time to get to work. Portfolio reviews! Just a few this evening, but it was a nice warm-up for the rest of the weekend. Here are a few pics from set-up on thursday. Vincent Villafranca shows off some of his wearable art. Ben Thompson getting the final touches finished on his booth. Rob Ruppel resting after the very strenuous act of hanging all his art on the wall...okay, so there wasn't a lot of pieces, but the giant "butt" was the talk of the set-up. Tom Kuebler mugging behind one of his amazing creations. Dave Seeley was busy doing all kinds of serious construction projects to bring some light to his corner (hopefully Sam will recover from his injuries quickly). Dave also provided an energetic sound track for the build and was awseome. Cyril Van Der Haegen takes a little time after setting up to get some work done. More to come...

The House of Frankenstein

One of my all-time favorite movies is The House of Frankenstein, released in 1944. It was the fifth of a series of movies about Frankenstein's monster and friends. The first was released in the 1930s. It was loosely based (and I mean loosely, they didn't even get the scientist's first name right) on Mary Shelley's novel. The Bride of Frankenstein was a direct sequel. It started where the first movie left off and described the events that occurred when the monster wants a bride. It deviates even more from the novel. In the third movie, Son of Frankenstein, Frankenstein's son returns to the castle to take over. The son is English. No explanation is given as to why he was raised in Britain. In Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, the wolfman searches for Frankenstein's notes in order to cure himself of werewolfism. Finally in House of Frankenstein, everybody's favorite monsters of that time, the monster, a mad doctor, a hunchback and Dracula, are all together for the first time. The final movie in the series was House of Dracula, whose plot was similar to Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, only it is Dracula who wants to be cured of vampirism. All of these movies are worth seeing and entertaining. The reason I liked House of Frankenstein best was the acting and the subplots. Note: if you intend to watch the movie, the next three paragraphs contain spoilers.

The film focuses on the exploits of the vengeful Dr. Gustav Niemann, who escapes from prison with his cellmate, the hunchback Daniel, to which he promises to create a new, beautiful body. The two murder a traveling showman and take over his horror exhibit. To exact revenge on Hussmann, who had once caused his imprisonment, Niemann revives Count Dracula. Dracula seduces Hussmann's granddaughter-in-law and kills Hussmann himself, but in a subsequent chase, Niemann disposes of Dracula's coffin, causing the vampire to perish in sunlight. Niemann and Daniel move on to the flooded ruins of Castle Frankenstein, where they find the bodies of the Frankenstein Monster and Lawrence Talbot, the Wolfman, preserved in the frozen waters. Nieman thaws out the two and promises Talbot to cure him from werewolfism. However, in fact he is more interested in reviving the Frankenstein monster and exacting revenge on two former associates than in his promises to Daniel or Talbot. Talbot transforms into a werewolf and kills a man, arousing the villagers. Talbot is also envied by the hunchback Daniel as both love Ilonka, a gypsy girl. She has fallen in love with Talbot but is the object of Daniel's affection. Daniel reveals Talbot's curse to Ilonka but she is not deterred and promises to help him in fighting the curse.

Things enter a critical stage at night, as Niemann revives the Frankenstein monster and Talbot again turns into a werewolf. Talbot is shot by Ilonka with a silver bullet, thereby releasing him, but Ilonka is killed in the process. Daniel blames her death on Niemann and begins to choke him. The Frankenstein monster intervenes, throws Daniel out of the window, and carries the half-conscious Niemann outside, where the villagers begin to chase them and drive them into the marshes. There, both the monster and Niemann drown in quicksand. The movie had a superb cast as follows: Boris Karloff as Dr. Gustav Niemann, Lon Chaney, Jr. as Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman, J. Carrol Naish as Daniel, Elena Verdugo as Ilonka, John Carradine as Dracula a. k. a. Baron Latos, Glenn Strange as the Monster, Anne Gwynne as Rita Hussman. J. Carrol Naish's performance is especially good as the lovesick hunchback in love with a gypsy girl, also well played by Elena Verdugo. Karloff and Carradine are also superb. And of course, Lon Chaney, as always, plays the werewolf with sympathy and pathos. Excellent acting by everyone in the cast. They deserved, but never received, Oscars. In fact the movie was panned by most critics. That's why I never listen to critics.

Programming Your Mind to Lose Weight

To lose weight fast is the unrealistic goal of many overweight people and is the main reason that frustration with any program they try. How to lose weight fast today with a very scientific process. There are strategies which you can find on Google that are designed to help you to lose the extra weight fast. You should reduce the number of calories, initially by 250 - 500 per day for the first week or until you stop losing weight for a few days. To reduce the calories substitute high calorie foods for the low fat variety. After a week you should further reduce your calorie intake by another 200 per day. Make sure that you have some high protein foods (milk, eggs, chicken, tofu, yogurt, cheese or roast beef). Our bodies are made of 90% water. All of our internal systems function better and our skin will look and feel better if we stay hydrated. Always drink plenty of water, reduce coffee, tea and especially soft drinks as well as reduce your salt intake. Cook vegetables without salt added to the water. To continue to lose weight fast you should begin a weight training program specific for you to maintain muscle. Initially when trying to lose weight fast, the body tends to lose muscle as well as fat. We only want to lose weight by losing fat. Your weight training program should be every second day.
On the alternate days you should develop an aerobic work out. This may simply be walking or swimming. Aerobic work outs only burn fat. Most exercises tend to be a combination of aerobic and anaerobic which means that you will burn both fat and carbohydrates. Whatever combination of diet and exercise you use you should never reduce your calorie intake below 1500 calories. Your body still needs energy to function. A good time to begin any exercise program that will help you to lose weight fast is to exercise first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning is good for a couple of reasons. It gets you moving, you feel an accomplishment before your day gets going, you have completed another goal for the day early on. Exercise can sometimes generate endorphons naturally. These make you feel great, that you can do anything. If you get them going first thing in the morning you will feel good all day. Later in the day it is easier to be distracted or persuaded to do something else during the time you had planned for exercise. Although you want to lose weight and with the best weight loss diet plan it can be done that way, it is better long term to lose weight slow. When you lose weight more slowly the lose weight tends to be maintained for longer periods. If you develop healthy eating and exercise habits you will be able to maintain your weight at your desired level.

Tone of Voice in Writing

When I blog here, I speak in the vernacular, or as appropriately referred to in gentler times. However, I’m noticing that when i write to people individually, particularly about personal matters, I get really formal. I like to call people “Ms.” this or “Mr.” that or “Professor” or “Dr.” because, hell, they deserve respect, we all do. That’s a little crazy wisdom i picked up on the street. Anyhoo, what do you think, does it come off as insincere, when a slang-slingin’ jokey kind of pop culture literate rock and roll guy writes letters like a high-collared 19th century intellectual? It’s just one of my habits. Maybe it’s annoying, maybe it’s amusing. If it does real harm, tell me.