A Book called Sock

It begins in the year 1930 when Sock is discovered sitting in the window of an old toy shop somewhere in Dorset, telling of his time there and of the old shop keeper, describing his experience there in detail, making you wish you could take him in your arms and bring him home with you.When a passerby takes him home as a present for his newborn daughter, Sock finds himself living with a family in a rural village and he describes his life there and the characters he meets, including the coalman who calls on them every Friday. You also get to know his owner Dorothy. You also meet Dorothy's Father really well, the really attractive dark haired Bryn Jones, who becomes very popular with the women of the village. Dorothy shares her childhood with him and you share their life growing up in the village. They both manage to survive the war years, although it absolutely turns their lives upside down. You also learn how Sock lost both his ears and how he comes to terms with the way he looks, a part of the book that could possibly melt your heart. Dorothy becomes a very successful musician and travels the world with Sock. 

He describes the people he meets, often making you smile. He also falls in love with another Old Teddy Bear who lives in America. The book is filled with his thoughts on life as seen, of course, through the eyes of an Old Teddy Bear. It includes poems too that will almost certainly make you think. The author started an on line shop supplying Antique Bears to collectors around the world back in 2009, after a lifetime of collecting and taking care of Teddy Bears. Talking to the many collectors she meets, she became overwhelmed by the very many stories she heard of people and their Teddy Bears. After writing two e-books "Teddy Bears & Me" and "Teddy Bears", she decided it was time to write a novel about a Teddy Bear's life story. What she really wanted to achieve with this novel is for you to go and find your Old Teddy Bear and give him a cuddle and remember the times you shared together. 'Choosing the Teddy Bear was really easy' she says. "He had so much character and I fell in love with him when I first saw him". Sock was given to her in 1995 by her brother as a Christmas present. He has such great character that the story just grew around him.