More on The Subject of Leadership

Jesse Wendel at News Bite group blog hits on one of my pet subjects, how to tell a real leader from a fake leader: If you’ve got something even close to working, be appreciative. Don’t whine, don’t complain. Send postcards and thank you notes to the people helping you achieve your dreams. Stop bitching about how they’re not perfect or they should do it differently. If they ask for your help, give it unstintingly precisely how they ask for it. Don’t feel compelled to tell them all your good ideas about how they should be doing it better or differently. They’re doing their goddamnedests to feed you your gig on a fucking silver platter. If you simply are unable or not constituted to cut the boss a break or not complain and stir up shit, leave. You should be somewhere else doing something else, some where you can run your own shop. No harm, no foul. Sure, people will miss you for about ten minutes. And then they’ll get on with making their TV show, running their baseball team, building their software, or winning a Congressional Seat. The rest definitely bears a read, and a re-read.