Europe on the Cheap

Finding where the numerous European discount airlines fly was a tedious task, until Tarom introduced RouteScout, a search engine that allows you to search by airline, airport, city or country for the route matching your needs, saving the frugal flyer both time and money. Now EasyJet has been added to the ever growing list of airlines served by them. EasyJet serves many cities in Europe including London, Athens, Paris, Malaga and Nice, among others. Many discount airlines allow you to book flights only solely through them, which can mean hours of searching individual web sites for coordinating routes. RouteScout allows you to search 31 different European discount airlines for routes matching your search criteria. No longer do you have to go to each of these airlines to find matching routes and also features other travel-lover features such as rich-text based travel journals and photo albums, and the ability to share their experiences with various airlines or get advice on the best places to stay using the message boards. Tarom is dedicated to making European travel affordable.