Believe it or Not...

This is, to my mind, not a bad thing if it radicalizes the center. In any case, this sort of “law enforcement” tactic is not only par for the course, I would expect it as fairly standard, especially since the rhetoric has ramped up over the past 8 years to lump a whole lot of people under the rubric of “environmental terrorists” (a laughable semantic trainwreck if ever there was one). Any truly inspired movement for radical change has to expect mass arrests, intimidation, every form of government / police oppression. In fact, if they don’t invite it, they’re probably doing something wrong. Otherwise it’s not radical change they are organizing towards, it’s just grandstanding and window-dressing. The worst thing the establishment could ever do to a movement is ignore it completely. The fact that a certain segment of the establishment is so completely agitated about environmental activists is in itself a victory not to be taken lightly. It is also a victory for which a great deal of payment will probably be made. When you’re trying to save the human race from extinction due to stupidity, don’t expect the forces of stupidity to not put up a fight. Especially since fighting is pretty much all they know how to do. As a postscript, it also cracks me up to read the statement “people have a right to demonstrate peacefully”. If you really have to think about why that statement is both ridiculous, frightening, depressing, maddening and in the end an invitation to rebellion, then you need to put down your venti caramel macchiato and read it again a few more times. And if you still don’t get it maybe you should punch yourself in the forehead a few times. (I recommend this, from personal experience).

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