Learning and Doing

These are two seperate realities. I should know better and I do, yet something about living suggests that we need to make mistakes as part of our experience. It's as if we are programmed into making mistakes just to help keep things interesting. Which makes sense, since so many important discoveries are based upon when people make mistakes. Anyways. I have been sick the past week. In my energy practices one rule is you don't practice when you are sick. It just makes things worse. Silly me, I was so determined that I went ahead and continued and then over last weekend, still worked chores around the house. I treated the energy work as it were normal exercise (I also discovered to do a low level amount of work when mildly sick since it helps me heal faster normally, as it aids in my sleep cycles to be more complete and deeper).

Bad move, it just ended up getting me extremely sick, and for the last week now, I have been 100% exhausted and barely healing off the results of the bug. Feels like I have been living in molasses. Of course now, I really really understand why you don't practice qigong and energy exercises when sick. It opens up your entire body, down to the deepest parts of your being. Of course if you open yourself up that deeply then the virus also gets the opportunity to go extra deep into you also. Gads its not fun. I understood this concept before (you can be taught something but until you experience it it doesnt always sink in), I now fully accept it and at least I learned an extremely valuable lesson. Even if it means the past week was terrible in my body and mind being down and out. Hopefully this week I will be healed enough to get back to writing and responding to everyone. Live, learn and swirl I guess.

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